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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Do a Micro-Wedding Weekend

from a married wedding photography duo who did it ourselves! It’s 2024, no longer are the days where weddings HAVE to be giant celebrations that happen in a convenient location for all your coworkers and 3rd cousins to be able to attend. Weddings are so much more malleable than that. And truly, they are meant […]

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Let’s Talk About What a Wedding Day Is, and What It Isn’t.

Because the answer should be obvious. But it isn’t sometimes. A wedding day IS the biggest day of YOUR relationship together thus far. A wedding day IS NOT an 8-hour photoshoot. A wedding day IS the day you vow your forever to the love of your life. A wedding day IS NOT an 8-hour photoshoot. […]

Cabo San Lucas Beach Wedding

Location: Sandos Finisterra Resort A real-life example giving you glimpse into why destination weddings are the way to go! And how turning your celebration into a whole wedding weekend is the best way to make your “big day” last longer than just the 1 day! Mara + Aric eloped in the backyard of their house […]