Cabo San Lucas Beach Wedding

April 6, 2023

Lauren Krekelberg


Location: Sandos Finisterra Resort

A real-life example giving you glimpse into why destination weddings are the way to go!

And how turning your celebration into a whole wedding weekend is the best way to make your “big day” last longer than just the 1 day!

Mara + Aric eloped in the backyard of their house about 6 months before escaping the frigid Minnesota cold for the balmy Mexican breeze for a celebration part #2! We were blessed to have the opportunity to capture both parts of this epic love story!

In January 2023, this happy couple and about 80 of their closest friends and family members made their way to Mexico to celebrate their love (again)!!! And lemme just say, it was an absolutely incredible week in paradise!

As if it’s even a hard question, but why choose a destination wedding?! Keep reading for some of the MANY pros of tying the knot in an amazing, unique, and maybe even exotic location!

Destination weddings really keep the focus on YOU and YOUR LOVE STORY!

Also, jetting off somewhere with a select group of people who mean the absolute most to you gives you the opportunity to spend more quality time with those closest to you! Who wouldn’t want to head somewhere beautifully incredible, majestically exotic, or excitingly adventurous with the most important people in your life, and for more than just one day!

Wedding weekends are where it’s at!

Everyone always says that your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye. Fight that feeling by making your celebration a multi-day event! We (The Krekelbergs) did that ourselves too and we wouldn’t want to do it any differently. With wedding weekend celebrations you can enjoy so much more quality time with your people, whether that’s by lounging at a resort beach club, exploring nature on a hike somewhere, or galavanting through expansive wineries. It’s like going on a pre-wedding honeymoon with all your favorite people! AND you can bring your photographers with to capture ALL those amazing memories being made!


The Miller wedding crowd kicked off the multi-day celebration with a white-out party on the beach before hitting the town for the night. And yes, we went with because how fun is it to have photos of you, your lover, and your people going absolutely nuts in downtown Cabo!

Now to the actual wedding day!

What could your Cabo beach destination wedding look like? Take a peak at some sneaks of Mara and Aric’s day below!

Destination weddings really allow YOU to set the entire schedule. YOU get to decide how you want to spend your big day, in its entirety, because there really isn’t a super strict schedule to adhere to!

Some couples spend their mornings together, getting breakfast or going to a spa or getting in a workout, while others choose to keep things somewhat “traditional” on their not-so-traditional wedding day by staying away from each other until the ceremony. Mara and Aric chose to do the latter, so it was an all girls morning on one side of the resort and a boys party on the other!

C’MON DETAILS!!! Look at all this jewelry! the dress! the shoes!

Mara got ready at the resort spa with the moms and her sister-in-law on the 7th floor while Aric and his getting ready buds dominated the first floor.

The people closest to you are the ones who you chose to be present at your destination wedding, and then the ones who ultimately decided to make you a priority by doing what it takes to follow you there! Spend as much time as you can with them!

Mara and Arics ceremony was perfectly placed on the beach, with the ocean behind them and the early afternoon sun beside them.

Such a light, bright, and beautiful setting to vow to each other! And the all-white chairs and “manicured” aisle sand, it was so perfect!

After your destination wedding ceremony there’s just so much time freedom that you can take as long as you want to wander throughout the entire resort for your bridal portraits!

If quality time, exciting memories, and an epic love story aren’t enough to pull you into the destination wedding world, then these golden hour photos should do the trick!

After soaking up all that newly wedding bliss, head on up to party all night with all the people who made the trek to celebrate you!

We hope this blog gave you whatever push you needed to take the leap toward that dream destination wedding you’ve always wanted! And if you’re down to have a couple of loved-up goofballs take photos and videos of you while you’re soaking up all that love and making those epic memories, connect with us by filling out an inquiry form!

We can’t wait to help make your adventurous wedding dreams come true!

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