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Ways to Make Your Wedding More Photogenic

because everyone wants pretty pictures of their wedding day:) I stated in a previous blog post that a wedding day is not an 8-hour photoshoot. Now with that being said, there’s no shame in wanting to get the absolute best photos of your wedding day! Because we want that for you too! Your photos are […]

Read these blog entries to dive a little deeper into various sessions and weddings, learn more about us as a duo, and even get tips and tricks to keep in mind for your own love story photography experiences!

Our Top 5 Wedding Day Timeline Creation Tips

to ensure that you will actually have the time to enjoy your wedding day Your wedding day is going to feel like the busiest day of your life. And instead of being stressed about the way it’s going to unfold, embrace the flow! We’ve captured 75+ weddings at this point and so we’ve got some […]

True-to-life isn’t a trend, it’s TIMELESS

If you’re a photographer, looking for a photographer, or simply spend a lot of time on Instagram you can probably recognize the fact that there is a WIDE range of styles when it comes to photography. From editing to shooting, every photographer has a different eye for how to capture life’s most beautiful moments! And […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Do a Micro-Wedding Weekend

from a married wedding photography duo who did it ourselves! It’s 2024, no longer are the days where weddings HAVE to be giant celebrations that happen in a convenient location for all your coworkers and 3rd cousins to be able to attend. Weddings are so much more malleable than that. And truly, they are meant […]

Let’s Talk About What a Wedding Day Is, and What It Isn’t.

Because the answer should be obvious. But it isn’t sometimes. A wedding day IS the biggest day of YOUR relationship together thus far. A wedding day IS NOT an 8-hour photoshoot. A wedding day IS the day you vow your forever to the love of your life. A wedding day IS NOT an 8-hour photoshoot. […]

Wedding Day Details: The Things You Should Include!

To get those “Pinterest worthy” flat-lay details photos read on! You put a lot of time and effort into perfectly designing your wedding day. And not just the big stuff like the vows you’re going to say, the food and drink you and your guests will enjoy, and the overall timeline of the day. But […]

Why should you hire a married couple to document your wedding day?

We might be biased, but it’s well placed because WE ARE THE BEST KIND OF WEDDING DAY HYPE TEAM! But seriously, there are thousands of wedding photographers out there, even just in the state of Minnesota. Now considering our couples can be from all over the US, take that thousands and make it tens-of-thousands. And […]