Why should you hire a married couple to document your wedding day?

April 10, 2023

Lauren Krekelberg

Our Thoughts

We might be biased, but it’s well placed because WE ARE THE BEST KIND OF WEDDING DAY HYPE TEAM!

But seriously, there are thousands of wedding photographers out there, even just in the state of Minnesota. Now considering our couples can be from all over the US, take that thousands and make it tens-of-thousands. And yet, there are very few photography teams composed of a married couple! And then take into account the fact that we also do video, BAM, practically no one!

When choosing who you want to document your wedding day there are a lot of things to consider. Most peoples’ priority is the photography style and editing style. But its also so so important to make sure you get along with (at the very least) and ideally totally vibe with your photographer/videographer. I mean, they will be following you around for the entirety of the biggest day of your life! Better to be friends than see each other strictly as a client/vendor relationship.

Now for the list of pros as to why you should hire a married, hybrid wedding media team.

  • We believe in the institution of marriage
  • The consistency of it all
  • The passion, dedication & skill of having two people who do this full-time
  • We’ve been there done that
  • It’s like having your new couple friends helping you along this new & exciting journey
  • You can get photo & video coverage for much less than what it’d cost to hire two separate teams

Read on to dive deeper into the “why” for each of these pros! Plus there’s a BONUS pro at the very end!

1. We believe in the institution of marriage.

Your wedding is super important, no one can deny that. But while you’re busy planning all the decorations, food, and other festivities, you’re also preparing to be MARRIED! And that’s a big deal! That’s the truly exciting stuff! And while we are fresh, married in the summer of 2022, we understand the beauty of this intense commitment!

2. The consistency of it all.

When you hire a married team, whether you choose our photography only package or the hybrid option, you are getting exactly who we’re selling. We are the ones chatting with you on that initial inquiry call, we are the ones at your engagement session, we are the ones supporting you throughout the entire planning process, and we are the ones with you on the BIG DAY!

With many other photography teams you’re hiring a photographer who will bring an unknown-to-you second shooter to be there on your big day. And while that completely fills the need of a second shooter, it’s not someone you’ve already had the chance to vibe with. And then there they are, in your getting ready room. That’s why it’s nice to hire a team who are BOTH by your side throughout the whole process, inquiry to delivery, because you can truly build a relationship!

Also because we BOTH own this business, it do be our lil baby, we are equally invested in our couples and providing the ultimate love story documentation experience! You can feel secure knowing that both people holding cameras hold the same core values, keep to the same high standards, and are motivated by an equal drive to make sure your photos and videos are everything you dreamed of!

3. The passion, dedication, & skill of having two people who do this full-time.

We have both left our “full-time” jobs to pursue wedding photography and videography as our careers because we have so many amazing couples! LIKE YOU! And with that leap we’ve dedicated our lives to learning, growing, and overall improving ourselves so we can SERVE YOU BETTER! Hiring a team of people who have made their passion their livelihood is truly so beneficial! WE KNOW THINGS!

4. We’ve been there done that.

Yup, we got married. So we know EXACTLY what you’re going through! We understand sticking to budgets, making your Pinterest board wedding dreams come to life, appeasing to family opinions (somewhat), and stressing over the small stuff. We are the best people to ask opinions of because we planned our own incredible wedding, and we’ve captured over 50+ other weddings too! So if you’re hunting for tips, tricks, and unique ideas, consider us a human google search for wedding content!

5. It’s like having your new couple friends helping you along this new & exciting journey.

Wedding planning is not something you’ve likely done before, which is both exciting and intimidating! But when you hire a married hybrid wedding team we truly prioritize building a relationship with you. On the initial call you’ll learn about what makes us uniquely quirky, at the engagement session you’ll feel more like you’re on a double date, and on your wedding day it’ll be like your best friends just happen to have cameras capturing all the ins-and-outs of the celebration!

By the time your big day rolls around we want our couples to feel comfortable enough to cry on our shoulders, vent their frustrations, laugh through awkward moments, tell us to “bug off” when they want non-camera moments, and get giddy about the whole thing coming together. We prioritized having people we vibe with for our own day and it made all the difference! You don’t want to look back on your photos and feel a sense of discomfort because you associate them with having a person who’s presence you didn’t enjoy. No bueno!

6. You can get photo & video coverage for much less than it’d cost to hire two separate teams.

Let’s be honest, weddings are EXPENSIVE! And photography and videography fall just slightly behind venue and food/drink on the cost scale. While it is important not to skimp on the media budget, because you truly do get what you pay for. We are excited to offer videography as an add on for couples who don’t have the room in their budget to hire separate photography and videography teams!

So in the end, should you hire a married, hybrid wedding media team?


If its not for the values, let it be for the consistency, if not for the consistency, let it be for the passion, if not for the passion, let if be for the friends, if not for the friends, let it be for the experience, and if not for the experience, let it be for the cost.


We can’t wait to document your love story!


Getting your photo taken is sometimes pree awkward, now add the fact that you’re being asked to flirt, dance, frolick, caress, and soft-make out with your lover IN FRONT OF CAMERAS! Don’t fret, because as a married couple we don’t hesitate to show you what we’re looking for when we “pose” or “prompt” you. So if you think you’ll feel uncomfy or dumb, just know we are right there with you kissing ‘n dancing ‘n skipping ‘n tickling.

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