True-to-life isn’t a trend, it’s TIMELESS

January 25, 2024

Lauren Krekelberg

Our Thoughts

If you’re a photographer, looking for a photographer, or simply spend a lot of time on Instagram you can probably recognize the fact that there is a WIDE range of styles when it comes to photography. From editing to shooting, every photographer has a different eye for how to capture life’s most beautiful moments! And for us, that means celebrating the reality of what every moment actually was!

True-to-life editing AND documentary/candid photography!

Your love story is unique and your wedding day is going to be a celebration of that uniqueness! It deserves to be documented in a way that shows off its specialness! Your photos should honor the way you express love, the way you designed the day to look and the way in which it unfolds. And we feel that keeping colors realistic and documenting actual, authentic moments are the best way to do justice to the beauty of your love story! Your wedding day is like no one else’s, so it shouldn’t look like it!

With true-to-life editing you are actually brought back into the moment in time that the photo froze for you because its going to look like your real-life memory!

You spent months curating your perfect wedding day, from the day-of decor colors to the perfect shade of your spray tan, everything has intent behind it. The best way to celebrate all those dreamed up plans coming to life is by embracing them completely! Your bridesmaids dresses should look like the specific blue hue you chose, your flowers should look just as vibrant in the photos as they do on your day, and your skin should glow in photos with your perfectly sun-kissed bronzed look. All of these beautiful colors, hues, and tints deserve to be remembered in all their incredible glory!

Now what it comes to the style in which we actually take photos, the way we look at love story photography is that we are simply a medium utilized to preserve a specific moment in time. We are just a method for capturing raw emotions and incredible memories. Our passion is to take photos that actually show off your personalities and embody the true nature of the love between you two and those around you. People should be able to feel the passion, sense the humor, embrace the goofiness, and appreciate the deep connection between the couples we get graced with the opportunity to photograph, because the end product photos will actually look like the moments that they captured!

Poses and prompts only go so far, they are truly just the stepping stones to get to you the actual photo we want to take. Our shutters are focused on the way you two interact in the silliest, lovey-doveyest, or most serious of moments. Pretty photos are pretty photos, but photos that capture actual interactions and real moments are special. How special would it be to look back on your wedding day album and see a photo of the moment your grandma was giving you marriage advice the the getting ready suite, or the handshake handoff between your teary-eyed dad and equally teary-eyed future husband, or moment you and your BFFs took over the dance floor during “Sugar We’re Going Down.”

True-to-life editing and candid/documentary style photography celebrate the authentic beauty and incredible realness of your amazing wedding day. They are the best combination to be able to look back in 20 years and truly relive the day because your photos will actually look like it.

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