Our Take on How to Not Regret Your Engagement Photos

February 27, 2024

Lauren Krekelberg

Engagement Sessions

GO SOMEWHERE! Simple as that! Take a plane, a train, a bus, boat, or car to somewhere incredible! Treat this new and exciting season of your life as your opportunity to go on an adventure with the love of your life and get photos taken of you on that adventure! We officially give you permission to use this once-in-a-lifetime experience to do whatever you’re dreaming of!

And this excitement for you to utilize your professional photographer’s in this way comes not only from our eagerness to document love stories all over the world, but also because it’s what we did for our own engagement photos. So again, we reiterate that we are your “been-there-done-that professional besties” in that sense. We set off to the mountains of Colorado with our photographers for an unforgettable weekend of adventures and memories that sparked friendships and made our upcoming wedding experience with them that much more comfortable and meaningful.

And you don’t even have to be all gung ho about hiking, camping, base-jumping and all things stereotypically adventurous to do an adventure photo session. The word “adventure” as a session descriptor can also be substituted for “epic,” “destination,” “unique,” and “memorable.” A lot of couples who get their photos done elsewhere do so because they are just naturally drawn to a location either for the landscape, the opportunities, or the vibes in general. You don’t need to have hiked a 14er to want photos in the mountains, it’s not required that you’re an avid surfer to get photos on the beach, and the location you choose doesn’t even have to be somewhere you’ve ever been before! If the photos you saved to your engagement photo session Pinterest board don’t look like they were taken somewhere locally, take that as another subliminal sign that your vibe might not be local either!


Like how incredible would it be to not only have beautiful photos but to also make amazing memories? Because no matter whether you go somewhere to do a destination session or you stick to a place near home, you’re going to get stunning photos. But when you take advantage of this experience by going somewhere you could find yourself at an alpine lake catching the last moments that the sun kisses the mountaintops or with your toes in the sand experiencing the first moments the sun makes glitter of the ocean waves.

This is one guaranteed time in your life when you have a professional photography team ready, willing, and EXCITED to capture your love story. Make the most of it and do something exciting, somewhere amazing, to truly engrave this epic journey as fianc├ęs into your minds forever.

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