Sunrise Session in Central Oregon

May 30, 2024

Lauren Krekelberg

Adventure Sessions

A seriously underrated type of golden hour.

We all know that some of the best natural light to take photos in is during golden hour. But what some people may not know is that golden hours happen twice a day, both at sunset and at sunrise. For sunset the golden hour is the hour before the sun goes away and it turns into blue hour, while the exact opposite is true for sunrise. Blue hour is the 30 minutes before the sun shows up and then golden hour lasts into that first hour of daylight. While we were in Bend, Oregon our evenings were already occupied with the 3-day wedding weekend we were shooting but lucky for us these two lovebirds were willing to get up early for a sunrise session! Shaylee and Jordan met us at a nearby park before the sun showed it’s face which was amazing in-and-of-itself but ALSO, they were vacation bound that afternoon AND it was her birthday! What a way to kick off a celebration and a trip!

Shaylee and Jordan came prepared with a few different looks for their session which is something we suggest to most everyone we photograph. It gives you a variety of “vibes” so that your 100+ photo gallery is not as repetitive as it would be if you only came sporting one option. Also, different clothing calls for unique styles of photos with new prompts and posing abilities depending on the kind of outfit.

This was the second time we’ve done a destination session at sunrise and it may just be the best way to start any day, we’re just sayin. Check out these STUNNING photos from the desert region of Oregon!

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